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In-Person Training

In-person personal training allows you to have a greater hands on experience. Each session consists of a 50-minute workout that is tailored specifically to your goals and fitness needs. We ensure your safety in gym, guide you through exercise form, and coach you through the entire session.


Training specialties include but are not limited to: general weight loss, strength training, athletic training, competition training, corrective exercise, mobility and function training

We take pride in offering reasonable rates for all clients. It is our passion and commitment to help people find their confidence and joy in the fitness community. We kindly suggest for a 3-month commitment in order to allow for an adequate time to getting the results you desire and building new and healthy habits.

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Types of in-person training

  • One-on-One
  • Partner Training
  • Group Training

Training location

Fox Fitness

6336 Cromwell-Marine Creek

Fort Worth Tx | 76179

*$39.99 Membership required*

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